Ceralun Clay: Tips & Tricks

Before Swarovski Ceralun Clay, chatons or pointed back rhinestones were confined to the use of jewelry mounts. Chatons can now be used to create various designs with the ceralun clay.

We’re going to show you how easy it is to use ceralun in your jewelry designs.



  1. Cut equal parts of the clay.
  2. Cover your hands with gloves and begin rolling and kneading the clay.
  3. Mix the clay thoroughly for about two minutes.
  4. Begin pressing the clay into your jewelry finding.
    1. You can choose to press the clay into a flat surface or you can leave it domed.
  5. Using your Crystal Katana or tweezers, begin lifting the Swarovski Chatons and begin placing them in the clay.
  6. Once all the chatons are in place, let the jewelry piece cure for 24 hours.

Watch the Professor of Crystal and the Crystal Ninja work with the Ceralun Clay:

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