Keeper of Hearts – Swarovski Necklace

Keeper of Hearts Necklace

This custom necklace is the gift for that special lady in your life, whether that is your mom, your grandma, or your best friend! Watch her eyes sparkle with love when she unwraps this beautiful gift that represents her family, and her loved ones. Remind her every day who loves her most.

Swarovski Crystals:

6432 14.5mm Crystal Vitral Light Pendants – 1 pc
6432 10.5mm Crystal Vitral Light Pendants – 2 pcs
6432 8mm Crystal Vitral Light Pendants – 2 pcs


18″ – 2.5×4.6mm Flat Link Chain
1 – 49x8mm Dotted Skinny Oval – Vintaj
4 small round jump rings
5 medium oval jump rings
1 large oval jump ring
1 lobster closure
6″ 20g Artistic Wire
12″ 22g Artistic Wire


  1. Using the Dotted Skinny Oval and placing it horizontal with the hole on the left, use a metal hole punch to make one hole on the right side similar to the hole already made on the left side. Next, make one hole in the center of the skinny oval and then 2 holes on the right equally spaced and 2 holes on the left equally spaced. Set aside.
  2. Usings (1) 14.5mm 6432 Crystl Vitral Light Heart; with the 20g wire create a pendant wire wrap. NOTE: it was easier to bend the “loop” into a triangle shape rather than round as the thickness of the crystal pendant will not allow the shape to be truly round. I also created an open loop at the top rather than a true wrapped loop. Using the 22g wire create pendant wire wraps with the 10.8mm and 8mm 6432 Crystal Vitral Light hearts using the same method that you used for the 14.5mm heart. NOTE: all five hearts should be wrapped in the same manner.
  3. Using the heart components made in step 2. Open the wrapped loop and add: 4 links of chain to the 14.5mm heart and 2 links of chain to the two 10.5mm hearts.
  4. Attach one medium oval jump ring to each of the five heart components. Then add to the dotted oval in the following pattern: with the oval in a horizontal position, #1 small, #2 medium, #3 large, #4 medium, #5 small.
  5. Cut the remaining chain into two equal pieces. Attach one small round jump ring to each piece at the ends. Attach the jump ringed ends to the end holes on the skinny oval.
  6. Attach one small round jump ring to the opposite end of the one side of chain and attach the lobster claw to the small jump ring prior to closing. Close ring.
  7. Attach the last small round jump ring to the second chain at the end and attach the large oval jump ring prior to closing. Make sure all jump rings are securely closed.


For Full Instructions – Click Here


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