How to Create a Bracelet with Two Part Epoxy

In this episode of Dreamtime University, Allison will show us how to work with 2-part epoxy to create a fun bracelet! Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:
2 Part Epoxy:…
14pp SWAROVSKI Chain:…
Bracelet Blanks:…

Open your epoxy and cut ends off both tubes. These plungers are really good because they squirt out equal amounts which is crucial in the epoxy setting up correctly. Squeeze desired amount into a small cup and stir together with coffee or popsicle stick for about 20-30 seconds.
After you’ve mixed your epoxy, transfer to a syringe. Make sure to test your syringe to check that the glue will come out when you actually go to apply the epoxy to the bracelet. Run a bead of the epoxy around the bracelet. Carefully place your crystal link into the blank and viola! Your very own bracelet!

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