Create Your Own Ceralun Clay Ring

In this episode of Dreamtime University, Allison Jayne Layton takes you through how to create a ceralun ring in your own personal style!

First, she starts with mixing equal parts of the ceralun together so there is no streaking in the mixture between the clay and hardener. Make sure you do it for at least 3-4 minutes so that the 2 parts mix correctly.
Next, you are going to mesh the mix into a prepped bezel. You can either leave it domed or flattened, pick at your liking! Allison used a baby wipe to clean her hands after she molded the ceralun to her liking.
After molding the clay, Allison used her Crystal Katana to add SWAROVSKI crystals to her ring. You want to make sure the girdle is covered when you press the crystal into the cerelun. The girdle is what is referred to as where the foil meets the color part of the crystal. If your crystal is having a hard time detaching from your Katana, just roll the wax tip as you set your crystal and you’re good to go!

Once you have your desired look, it will take about an hour to cure.

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