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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Put a summery pop of personality on your desk. Create this bright flower pattern on any plastic desk organizer you have!



Swarovski Crystals

Flatbacks 2088 21 pcs Ss20 Crystal Electric Pink 001 L137S
Flatbacks 2088 21 pcs Ss20 Crystal Electric Orange 001 L136S
Flatbacks 2088 65 pcs Ss20 Crystal Electric Green 001 L135S
Flatbacks 2088 4 pcs Ss30 Crystal Electric Yellow 001 L138S


1 Plastic square desk organizer (not included)
1 Crystal Katana 
Alcohol wipes
Swarovski CG500 Two Part Epoxy Glue



Step 1: Using alcohol wipes clean the front of the case and set aside to dry.

Step 2: Create the pattern of your choice and dot the glue in desired pattern. Using the Crystal
Katana pick up each crystal flatback and place on glue dot. Let dry for 24 hours.


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