Halloween Candy Jar


A fun Halloween Candy Jar Jack-O-Lantern project

1. Tear the newspaper (i. e. white paper in the illustrations) and the black paper as shown in the illustrations with this step.

2. Inflate a balloon until it is approximately 17 x 13 cm in size. glue the torn white and black papers onto the balloon as shown in the illustration. Let it dry overnight.

3. Cut out the pattern shown in this step.

4. Place the pattern onto the balloon and make outlines using the silver felt pen. glue the Flat Backs no Hotfix as shown in the illustrations with this step.

5.Tear some more newspaper and form a stem. tear some more black paper and glue it onto the stem. Glue the stem onto the balloon and prick the balloon with a needle. Place tape in between the eyes and the mouth in order to know where exactly to cut the pumpkin (see illustration).

6. Cut the pumpkin at the taped line.

7. Glue torn pieces of orange paper inside the pumpkin.

8. Use a black felt pen to color the edges of the pumpkin as shown in the illustration.

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