Halloween Vampire Headdress


  1. Print out the pattern twice.
  2. Stick double-sided tape at the backside of one of these, stick it onto cardboard, and cut it out as shown in the
    illustrations with this step.
  3. Stick double-sided tape onto the other pattern and place it onto the black velvet and sew on the text “Bite me”.
  4. Remove the paper with the help of tweezers.
  5. Using the previously cut-out pattern, place it onto a piece of Dacron and cut out the shape. stick it to the
    previously cut out cardboard shape using double-sided tape.
  6. Cut a 1m long 0.15 mm transparent nylon thread and sew on the Sew-on stones article 3200
    10 mm and 12 mm and the Beads article 5328 4 mm sun and Fire opal onto the text.
  7. Place the Dacron on the backside of the black velvet where the text lies. wrap the black velvet to cover the
    Dacron edges from behind. sew the edges from the back to secure and cut out the extra black velvet.
  8. Repeat step 2 to cut out a black cardboard piece of the same size as the pattern and cut it out 1 mm smaller
    than the original size used in the patterns.
  9. Cut 70 cm of 0.25 mm black nylon thread and stitch the hair bangle onto the back of the black pattern created in the previous step. Apply double-sided tape onto the back of the black velvet with the text “Bite me”. Adhere the newly created hair bangle stitched onto the black cardboard as shown in the illustrations with this step.


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