Liberty Pearls Necklace

Designed by Maryanne Walczak

Show your patriotic spirit this Independence Day by wearing our Liberty Pearls necklace as the finishing touch to your red, white, and blue outfit! We’ve made it easy by giving you a complete list of supplies and simple step-by-step instructions.



  1. Using the 2″ Headpins, make simple loops on the Red Coral Beads, Night Blue Beads, Siam Crystals, Montana Crystals, and Clear Crystals. Set Aside.
  2. Connect a 7mm Jump Ring to two 5mm Jump Rings, make sure all are closed.
  3. Then connect the Star Pendant to the 7mm & 5mm Jump Ring combo.
  4. Cut approximately 7 inches of the necklace memory wire and make a loop on one side.
  5. Then place a Stardust Bead and an 8mm White Pearl onto the memory wire.
  6. Using the Pearls and Crystals that were set aside, place them in the following lineups:
    1. Siam Crystal, Night Blue Pearl, Clear Crystal (set of 3)
    2. Montana Crystal, Red Coral Pearl, Clear Crystal (set of 3)
    3. There should be 10 groups of 3 crystal/pearl combos when completed
  7. Place the first set: Clear Crystal, the Night Blue Pearl, the Siam Crystal and then the White Pearl onto the memory wire.
  8. Now add the next group of 3 onto the memory wire.
  9. Continue adding the sets of 3 with the white pearls in between each set. Stop once you add the 5 top sets of 3 to place the Star Pendant onto the memory wire using the large jump ring.
  10. Now add a white pearl and continue adding the sets of 3 and the white pearls using the pattern previously laid out and from right to left.
  11. Once the last White Pearl is placed onto the memory wire, add the other Stardust bead.
  12. Using your wire cutters, cut off the excess memory wire but be sure to leave enough wire to make a simple loop.
  13. Make a simple loop and be sure that the loop is closed. You may have to hold the beads back tightly while you are making a simple loop.
  14. I used 2 pieces of chain that were 7 inches each in length and the necklace is approximately 18 inches in length. Adjust your pieces of chain to suit your requirement. Attach one of your chains to one side of the memory wire by using a 5mm jump ring as shown. Then take the other chain and attach it to the other side of the memory wire by using another 5mm jump ring.
  15. Finish off the necklace by attaching the lobster clasp to one side of the chain using a 5mm jump ring. And on the other side of the chain, add a 5mm jump ring. And on the other side of the chain, add a 5mm jump ring.
  16. Adorn yourself and show that Liberty Pearls Necklace off!

Tips for Rocking the Liberty Pearls Necklace

  1. Purchase more Siam & Montana Crystals to create a dangles look to go with the Liberty Pearls Necklace
  2. Wear your Liberty Pearls with a decked out red, white, and blue outfit

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