Rue de Rivoli Necklace

Creating the Rue de Rivoli Necklace:

Stunning and simple! Glue, connect and go! Make this sparkling necklace in a flash and wear it to your next anniversary party!



  • 30″ 1mm black leather cord
  • 4 4×2 Deco Barrel TierraCast® 94-5803-25
  • 1 Twisted Hook Clasp TierraCast® 94-6199-25
  • 3 18mm Faceted Rivoli link TierraCast® 94-3155-25
  • 2 8mm jump rings
  • Two part epoxy glue


  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters or Scissors


Step 1: Mix the two-party epoxy glue according to the instructions on the package. Place a small amount of glue in the center of Faceted Rivoli link. Press the Swarovski 18mm Round Stone, art. 1122 in the center of the link. Press the stone to secure in the link. Repeat for the other two Swarovski Round Stones and Rivoli links. Set aside and allow to dry as indicated in the glue instructions.

Step 2: Open the two 8mm jump rings and connect the three links together.

Step 3: Cut the black leather cord in half. String one piece of cord through the loop at one end of the Rivoli link chain and bring the cord ends together evenly. Slide one Deco Barrel bead onto both cord ends and slide it down to about 1⁄4” from the loop in the link. Crimp the Deco Barrel bead to secure. Slide both cord ends through another Deco Barrel bead, through the loop at the bottom of the Twisted Hook Clasp and back through the Deco Barrel bead. Pull cord and Deco bead close to the loop in the clasp, crimp the Deco bead to secure and trim off excess cord.

Step 4: Attach the other piece of leather cord to the other side of necklace as done in step 3, but form the cord endings to a loop and slide the ends into the Deco Barrel bead. Crimp the Deco Barrel bead to secure. This will form the loop for the Twisted Hook Clasp to secure the necklace.

Tip: Use a shorter piece of cord to create a matching bracelet. Use various colors and coatings of the Swarovski Round Stone art. 1122 to create the Rue de Rivoli Necklace to go with everything!

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