Swarovski Earrings – Inspired by India

Namaste India!

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, India is a mosaic of multicultural experiences and rich heritage. Extending from the snow-covered Himalayan mountains to the tropical rain forests of the south, it is impossible to ignore India’s mesmerizing combination of the old and the new. Walking through the bustling city streets you are greeted by a diverse variety of cuisines, arts, crafts, faiths, and nature. Experiencing different textures, sounds and smells triggered the emotion that prompted these designs.

India Earring’s

Swarovski Crystals

Pendants – 6010 13×6.5mm Crystal AB Antique Pink (x10)
Beads – 5000 6mm Fuchsia (x4)
Beads – 5328 4mm Fuchsia (x4)
Beads – 5040 6mm Light Topaz (x8)
Beads – 5328 4mm Light Topaz (x4)
Beads – 5040 6mm Erinite Shimmer (x8)
Beads – 5328 4mm Indicolite (x4)


4 – Hourglass 2 Hole Links – TierraCast® 94-3074-25
2 – Large Open Lotus – TierraCast® 94-3210-26
12” – 20g Artistic Wire®
2 – Ear Wires
16 – medium jump rings


  1. Cut the wire into four 6” pieces and set aside.
  2. Using 5 jump rings attach 5 of the 6010 Fuchsia pendants to the bottom holes in the Open Lotus.
  3. Using one piece of wire make a simple loop. Attach to the top left hole in the Open Lotus. Slide on one 6mm 5040 Indicolite bead, one 4mm 5328 Lt Topaz bead, one 6mm 5040 Indicolite bead. Slide wire through the left hole of an Hourglass link, then slide on one 6mm 5040 Lt Topaz bead, one 4mm 5328 Fuchsia bead, one 6mm 5040 Lt Topaz bead. Slide wire through the left hole of a second Hourglass link, then slide on one 6mm 5000 Fuchsia bead and one 4mm 5328 Indicolite bead and make a simple loop. Repeat for the right side of the Open lotus.
  4. Using three jump rings make a chain attaching one end to the left of the top of the earring and the other end to the right side of the earring. Find the middle of the jump ring chain and attach an ear wire.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 – 4 to make the second earring.


Download Full Instructions

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