How to Use Cerelun Clay + Adding Color with Mica Powder

In this edition of Dreamtime Creations University, Cindy demonstrates our SWAROVSKI Ceralun Epoxy Clay kit in white. This kit includes the 100g of clay (white + hardener), Dreamtime Dop Stick, Jewelry Blank, Swarovski Crystals, and Instead A Glove.

To work your ceralun together, you knead together for about a minute until it is the consistency of play dough. You will have about 2 hours of working time with the 2-part epoxy. If you need more time, you can stick in the freezer for unto 24 hrs.

Cindy is using the Crystal Katana to place her SWAROVSKI element crystals into place. She dobs the crystal with the sticky wax side of the the Crystal Katana and then pushes the crystal into place with the hard end of the Katana. You want to make sure that the pointed end of the crystal is covered by the epoxy for accurate placement.

To add a little more glitz to this project, Cindy added crystal clay mica powder in pink. Simply dip your brush and add color! After you’ve achieved your color, wait for 24 hrs and run under water for a clean, finished project!

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