How to use the Hot Fix Applicator Wand

In this installment of Dreamtime University, Alison will be demonstrating the Dreamtime Creations Hot Fix Wand for Hot Fix SWAROVSKI Elements crystals and showing you what all is included in the kit sold on

Included in the Dreamtime Creations Hot Fix Kit are:
-1 Hot Fix Wand
-Stand for Hot Fix Wand
-7 different tips for different sizes of crystals

When working with hot fix crystals, the crystals already have glue on the backing. The Hot Fix tool simply heats up the glue to make it adhere to various surfaces.

Alison will show you how to use the wand as she works on these leopard running shoes. Alison will be using the SS16 tip to correspond with her SWAROVSKI crystals in topaz.

First, you plugin the applicator to allow it to heat up properly. Alison is also using the rubber mat found on (all product links can be found at the bottom of this entry). This mat comes in handy for sorting crystals and working on projects. You want to make sure all of your crystals are facing upwards with the glue side down for inserting into the wand. You will know your crystal is ready to be adhered once you notice the glue bubbling. To apply the crystal, simply stick the wand on the location of which you want to place your SWAROVSKI crystal and lift up. Your SWAROVSKI crystal will now adhere to the surface where you applied.

Product Links:
Hot Fix Applicator:…
Working Mat:…
SWAROVSKI Hot Fix Crystals:…

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