Swarovski Leather Bracelet – Inspired by the Grand Canyon

Howdy from the Grand Canyon

The Earth’s history is truly like no other. Over millions and millions of years this land has formed and then reformed to reveal what we all know as the Grand Canyon. The colorful stratified layers of rock composing the sides of the Grand Canyon change over the course of the day as the sun moves and the light transforms one scene into another leaving us with a view that takes your breath away. These textures and colors provided a boundless source of inspiration that inspired these pieces.

Grand Canyon Bracelet

Swarovski Crystals

Pendants – 6431 9mm Montana (x2)
Pendants – 6465 13.5x6mm Golden Shadow (x1)
Beads – 5328 4mm Montana (x6)
Beads – 5328 4mm Crystal Copper (x20)
Beads – 5328 4mm Smoked Topaz (x33)
Rivolis – 1122 14mm Smoked Topaz F (x2)
Rivolis – 1122 14mm Montana F (x3)


1 – 5 Setting Wide Leather bracelet
3 – 5.3mm Eyelet – TierraCast® 01-0082-27
3 – 6.3mm Micro Washer – TierraCast® 01-0070-27
12” – Fire Line
1 – large oval jump ring
1 – large round jump ring
3 – small round jump ring


  1. Find the center of one side of the leather edge and punch a small hole ~6mm from the edge. Move 2.5 inches to the left and punch in another hole ~6mm from the edge and repeat for the right side.

  2. Slide onto (1) eyelet (1) micro washer placing the component into one of the holes punched in step 1. Note: make sure the washer is on the right side of the leather. Using a hammer tap from the wrong side the eyelet in place. Repeat for the second and third hole.

  3. Using the 5 Rivoli(s) 14mm 1122 Montana and Smoked Topaz place them into the settings on the wide leather bracelet. Please see the picture for color placement. Bend all 4 prongs closed for each setting.

  4. Thread the Fire Line through the beading needle, matching the two tails evenly. Make an overhand knot at the end of the tail. From the wrong side next to the eyelet, insert the needle through the leather sideways without going through to the right side. Do this a couple of times to make sure the thread is snug. Pull the needle through the eyelet hole from the wrong to the right side.

  5. String on all of the 5328 4mm bicones in the following order; 5 smokey topaz, 3 crystal copper, 1 montana. Repeat 5 more times. Ending with 4 smoky topaz and 2 crystal copper.

    Keeping the crystals without spaces on the thread wind around the Rivoli settings as shown in the picture. Pull the needle through the eyelet from the right side to the wrong side. Secure the thread close to the eyelet hole only visible from the wrong side.

  6. Take the needle back through the eyelet and into the crystals. Every 5 or 6 crystals tack down the crystal loop into place using a slip stitch. Continue around the waves until you reach the opposite eyelet. Take the thread through the eyelet to the wrong side and secure the thread. Note: Perform this step without too much tension on the thread.

    Step 7: Attach 1 large oval jump ring through the middle eyelet. Attach 1 large round jump ring to the oval one. Attach the remaining 3 small jump rings to the 6431 pendant and the 2 6435 pendants. Before closing the rings, attach each drop to the large round jump ring.

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