Tips on Transfers

Transfers make crafting and creations so much easier and faster than hand-placing each crystal. Around the holidays is the perfect time to take advantage of transfers because they’re quick and easy. We’re going to show you how unbelievably simple¬†it is to apply transfers.



  1. Separate the transfer from the foil backing.
  2. Place a piece of teflon paper underneath your fabric.
  3. Position the transfer on the fabric.
  4. Place another piece of teflon paper over the transfer.
  5. Place a hot iron on top of the teflon paper.
  6. Pick iron up off and place back down as needed.
  7. Remove the teflon paper.
  8. Allow the transfer to cool for a few minutes.
  9. Once the transfer has cooled, gently lift the foil tape from the crystals.

Tips on Transfers from the Professor of Crystal: Nick Regine


Video courtesy of Swarovski Create Your Style.

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