Unlock My Heart – Swarovski Earrings

Unlock My Heart – Swarovski Earrings

Show the depth of love in your heart with these DIY Swarovski earrings. The warm-toned metal components react wonderfully with the scarlet rhinestones and will add the perfect touch of sparkle to your day.


Swarovski Crystals:

5040 6mm Scarlet Beads – 4
5000 6mm Scarlet Beads – 2
5328 4mm Scarlet Beads – 4


1 pc – 24x8mm Key Charm Vintaj
1 pc – 20x11mm Heart Charm Vintaj
2 pc – 36x16mm Mythical Reign Drop Vitaj
1 pr – Ear wire
4″ – 2.2x3mm flat oval chain Vintaj
4 pc – Headpins
2 pc – Eyepins


  1. Using (1) headpin, slip one (1) 5040 6mm crystal Scarlet bead. Insert into top most center hole of the earring drop with the crystal on the right side of the earring component. From the back nip the wire to a length of ~8mm. Coil the wire down until it is snug on the wrong side while keeping the crystal in place.
  2. Cut the chain into 2 equal pieces. Slide the chain ends (from back to front) into the two holes that sit next to each other.
  3. Using (1) eye pin, attach to one charm, slip on (1) 5328 4mm Scarlet bicone and create a simple loop. Before closing the loop attach loop to one open end of the chain.
  4. Using (1) headpin, slip on (1) 5000 6mm Scarlet bead, (1) 5040 6mm Scarlet bead, and (1) 5328 4mm Scarlot bicone. Create a simple loop. Before closing the loop attach loop to the remaining open end of the chain.
  5. Attach the ear wire to the top hole of the earring component.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the second side.


For Full Instructions – Click Here


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